E3 Long Haired Princess
Terms and Conditions

When booking an event or appearance with Wish Upon A Princess the below policies must be adhered to. Once a booking has been secured by way of a deposit, the below policies are automatically accepted by the client.

Payment and deposit

To secure a booking, a deposit is required to be paid within 48 hours either by Paypal or bank transfer. If the deposit is not paid, we cannot secure the booking slot for your party. On occasions we will be happy to come to some agreement if discussed with Wish Upon A Princess. Deposits are only refundable if the party is cancelled or there are extenuating circumstances, however, we will happily work with you to find an alternative date if there is a problem with the original date booked. Please note, this must be within 14 days of the original party date and confirmed with Wish Upon A Princess, subject to their availability. The remaining amount must be paid to the performer at the start of the party in cash. Failure to settle the balance at the start of the party will mean the performer will not carry out the booking and your deposit will be forfeit.


We love to perform outside in the summer, but please make sure that there is plenty of cool shade for our performers, please also ensure that you have an indoor alternative should the weather change.


We travel by car, so please provide us with any parking arrangements prior to the party. Please note: Any mileage over 10 miles fro the Princess Headquarters, will incur a fuel and travel fee. This will be discussed at the start of the booking.

Child numbers

We have a capacity of 25 children to one performer, any more will require an additional character, prices are listed on the packages page.


Our performers are children’s entertainers and not child carers or child minders. Therefore, you must make sure there is suitable adult supervision at all times (this is especially important for babies, toddlers and children with additional needs)


If at any time during a party or visit the performer feels uncomfortable due to the behaviour of those present (this includes both the behaviour of children and adults) the performer will notify the booker. If that behaviour continues the performer will leave immediately and no refund of payment will be refunded.

In the event a performer becomes ill on the morning of your booking, we will endeavour to arrange alternative cover.  If we have been unable to arrange either another performer or time, we will refund your deposit.

Your performer may be unable to sing at the party due to illness or other problems. It is completely within the rights of our performers to refrain from vocal performance without notice.  

Copyright laws

It is not the intention of Wish Upon A Princess to violate any copyright laws. Wish Upon A Princess characters are NOT name brand copyrighted characters. Our characters are generic and we can only accept bookings from individuals who are aware that we DO NOT represent any licensed character. If you are requiring a licensed, copyrighted character for your event, you should contact the license holder.

 We look forward to hearing from you!