Red Ranger

Red Ranger Character Hire

This character is a true blast from the past. He is the strongest of this group and really wants to impress you with his moves!


spiderman character hire

When S-Man isn’t out being the ‘friendly, neighbourhood’ Superhero, he is gliding, shooting his webs and racing his way to…

Wonder Girl

Girl power! How about inviting this feisty and outgoing hero? Wonder girl is a great addition to any Superhero or coming along to a princess Party. She shows and teaches you her super moves, she also sings and dances! Inviting her to your celebration will not leave you disappointed!

P.T. Barnum

Need a ringmaster entertainer? Someone to lead your circus-themed celebration, or just a great leading character to any event?


Beware of this Villain! Cruella takes a liking to dogs, especially if you own a Dalmatian! This sassy, competitive and determined Villain…


Pirate Party Character Hire

Pirate Party Character Hire Yo Ho, Yo Ho, a pirate’s life for me! Don’t worry; before you ask, this pirate comes completely sober! In fact, he is a very Jolly pirate, despite his appearance; he will play lots of pirate games with you (even make you climb the rigor!) Inspired by Capt Jack Sparrow, this […]

Christmas Elf

Christmas Elf Party Character Hire These cheeky Christmas Elfs are let out one season of the year! Can you guess which season? It’s the most magical time of the year and these Elves really make this time of year very magical. We offer these cheeky elves out for one-2-one visits at your house, events and parties! […]

Santa Claus

Santa Claus Hire

We have truly magical Christmas and Santa Claus characters available to hire throughout Stoke-on-Trent, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire…

Christmas Fairy

Our Christmas Fairy is perfect for festive season themed events, our Christmas Fairy Character loves nothing more than…


Maleficent is strong, powerful and particularly evil! Make sure you safeguard yourself against her evil powers…