Mal & Evie

Known as a Duo, Mal and with Princess Evie (Evie is usually ‘chillin’ like a villain’ with her sidekick Mal). She can come alone or with her bestie. She’d bound to give you a ‘wicked’ time! Mal is the other half of the Duo! Evie is the Princess, whilst Mal is surprisingly nice for a Villian! Although she loves ‘chillin’ like a villain with Evie (Evie can be found on the Princesses page) She also tries to Impress her mother Maleficent (You can find Maleficent on the Villains page). Mal can either come alone, with her bestie Evie or along with her mother Maleficent…. Do you think she is ‘Rotten to the core?

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*Birthday Cakes to be supplied by the hirer/customer.
Please note: Any mileage over 10 miles from the Princess headquarters will incur a fuel and travel time fee.
This will be discussed at the start of the booking.

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