Beware of this Villain! Cruella takes a liking to dogs, especially if you own a Dalmatian! This sassy, competitive and determined Villain…


Pirate Party Character Hire

Pirate Party Character Hire Yo Ho, Yo Ho, a pirate’s life for me! Don’t worry; before you ask, this pirate comes completely sober! In fact, he is a very Jolly pirate, despite his appearance; he will play lots of pirate games with you (even make you climb the rigor!) Inspired by Capt Jack Sparrow, this […]


Maleficent is strong, powerful and particularly evil! Make sure you safeguard yourself against her evil powers…

Mal & Evie

Known as a Duo, Mal and with Princess Evie (Evie is usually ‘chillin’ like a villain’ with her sidekick Mal). She can come alone or with her bestie. She’d bound to give you a ‘wicked’ time! Mal is the other half of the Duo! Evie is the Princess, whilst Mal is surprisingly nice for a […]